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Artist : Ali And Gipp
Album : Kinfolk
Label : Universal Motown Records
Genre : Hip-Hop
Bitrate : 175 kbps avg
Source : CD (LP)
Playtime : 01:05:44 (87 MB)
Rls date : 2007-08-01
Store date : 2007-08-14

[Track List]
1. Intro (Feat. Big Rube) 1:10
2. Hood (Feat. Pimp C And Nelly) 5:32
3. N Da Paint (Feat. Nelly) 4:36
4. Go 'Head (Feat. Chocolate Tai) 3:45
5. Almost Made Ya (Feat. LeToya) 4:10
6. Get On The Floor (Feat. David Banner) 5:14
7. That's Me 5:17
8. Lean'n (Feat. Murphy Lee And Nelly) 4:26
9. I Told Ya (Feat. Cee-Lo And Bun B) 4:09
10.If We Fuck (Feat. Lloyd And Jasper) 4:14
11.What's The Business (Feat. Three 6 Mafiz) 3:41
12.All Night (Excuse Me) (Feat. Nelly, Avery 4:05
Storm And Juvenile)
13.Work Dat, Twerk Dat (Feat. Murphy Lee) 4:11
14.Forever And Ever 3:54
15.Get By (Feat. Tamala Jones And Kjuan) 4:12
16.No God But You 3:08

Ali, of the platinum selling group St. Lunatics, and
"Dirty South" impresario Goodie Mob alum Big Gipp will be
releasing their collaborative debut album, Kinfolk, August
15th. Kinfolk comes following up their appearance on the
#1 hit track 'Grillz' with Nelly and will be on his record
label, Derrty Ent., an imprint of Universal Motown

The first single off the album, "Go 'Head," is an anthemic
summer song that combines "Midwest swing" with southern
crunk and is produced by up and coming St. Louis native
Trife. "Gipp and I started hanging out a while back and
found that we had a lot in common," says Ali. "We're both
considered leaders in our crews, we're fathers and even
though we have different styles, we respect each other's
skills." Gipp describes their collaborative effort as "the
best of both worlds-- the St. Lunatics kicked off the
Midwest movement and Goodie Mob helped establish southern
rap, that's why I say it's the best of both worlds. Plain
and simple."

In that spirit, Kinfolk has a mix of songs featuring "St.
Louis" kin: Nelly, Murphy Lee and Derrty Ent newcomers,
Chocolate Tai and Avery Storm; "Atlanta" kin Cee-lo and
other southern all-stars include Juvenile, David Banner,
Three 6 Mafia and Bun B. The album collab also contains a
mix of mid-west and southern producers including the St.
Louis hit-makers Jason "Jay E" Epperson and The Track
Starz, Atlanta's uber-producer Dallas Austin and other
talented newcomers.

Ali made his debut on Nelly's 9X platinum groundbreaking
debut, Country Grammar (2000). The St. Lunatics member was
also featured on the groups' platinum certified album,
Free City (2001). In 2002, he released his own noted solo
album, Heavy Starch. Ali guested on various albums
including the Longest Yard soundtrack as well as the Coach
Carter soundtrack. Gipp has been one of the main cogs in
the "Dirty South" movement since the mid-'90's as a leader
of the groundbreaking, platinum-plus group Goodie Mob. The
thought- provoking, Atlanta based foursome broke down the
wall of East Coast/West Coast dominance in 1995 with their
debut album Soul Food. The pioneering group's subsequent
albums, including 1998's Still Standing, and their
steadfast alliance with fellow "Dirty South" phenoms
Outkast, forever cemented their reputation as one of
hip-hop's most innovative groups. The original members
began embarking on their own journeys in 2002, with Gipp
releasing his first solo album, Mutant Mindframe, in 2003.


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