Tuesday, September 11, 2007



Artist : Chamillionaire
Album : Ultimate Victory
Label : Universal Motown Records
Genre : Hip-Hop
Bitrate : 193 kbps avg
Source : CD (LP)
Playtime : 01:19:31 (116 MB)
Rls date : 2007-09-12
Store date : 2007-09-18

[Track List]
1. The Morning News 3:58
2. Hip Hop Police (Feat. Slick Rick) 4:11
3. Standing Ovation 4:27
4. Wont Let You Down 4:37
5. Industry Groupie 3:32
6. Pimp Mode (Feat. Bun B) 5:22
7. Rock Star (Feat. Lil Wayne) 5:00
8. (Skit) 3:04
9. The Bill Collecta (Feat. Krayzie Bone) 3:51
10.The Ultimate Vacation 4:05
11.Come Back To The Streets 4:52
12.I Think I Love You 4:43
13.The Evening News 4:08
14.Welcome To The South (Feat. Pimp C) 4:12
15.You Must Be Crazy (Feat. Lil Ken) 4:54
16.We Breakin Up 4:40
17.(Skit) Stuck In The Ghetto (Feat. Tony Henry) 1:45
18.Rocky Road (Feat. Devin The Dude) 4:59
19.The Ultimate Victory 3:11

For someone who scored one of the biggest hits in recent
memory with 2005's "Ridin'" -- which earned the Houston
MC a Grammy and sold more ringtones than any song in
history – Chamillionaire sounds awfully grumpy. "Money
don't do nothing but bring you trouble," he says in the
lead-in to "I Think I Love You," a tragic tale where cash
is the object of the rapper's affection. It's a recurring
sentiment on Cham's second disc, on which he lashes out
at the record industry, money-grubbing ex-friends and lazy
rappers shilling “crap music.” Luckily, he backs up the
“Pimp Mode” is a syrupy Texas gem, with acoustic guitar
and a stellar verse from hometown legend Bun B; the soulful
“We Breakin' Up” is one of several cuts on which the MC
sings as much as he raps; and the album-closing manifesto,
“The Ultimate Victory” -- on which Cham expresses sympathy
for media-dogged celebs like Eminem and Britney and admits,
“I'm still filled with doubt” -- might be the most
personally reflective hip-hop track since Slim Shady
himself stepped to the mike.

The real deal. Fuck the re-encoders.


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Friend said...

I'm not gonna front, I downloaded this at first, but I went and bought the CD after listening to it. Music like this needs to be supported! Chamillionaire is an anomaly in rap; an ultra-rare combination of catchiness and pop sensibility, together with meaning and depth. "Evening News", "Hip Hop Police" and the sublime "We Breakin Up" are perfect examples of what I mean.... Support Cham!!!