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Rick Ross - Rise To Power

artist: Rick Ross
title: Rise To Power
label: Suave House II Records
type: Album
genre: Rap
source: CDDA
grabber: EAC
encoder: lame-3.97-final
year: 2007
tracks: 16
time: 58:05
size: 76,6 MB
bitrate: avg. 177kbps
mode: Joint-Stereo
url: /
rip date: 13-Sep-2007
street date: 18-Sep-2007
location: USA, Florida

01. It's On (Ft. Noah, Jiggolo) (Prod. By Jiggolo) 03:37
02. Hold Me Down (Prod. By Mo-Suave-A Productions) 03:56
03. Get That Bread (Ft. Cinque, Big Duke (Of Boyz N The Hood)) 04:09
(Prod. By Jiggolo)
04. Skit 01:09
05. Street Love (Ft. Next) (Prod. By Kay Gee) 04:15
06. Strapped (Ft. Noah) (Prod. By Jiggolo) 03:32
07. Prove Me Wrong (Ft. Devin The Dude) (Prod. By Jiggolo) 04:00
08. Bird Bath (Ft. Noah) (Prod. By Mo-Suave-A Productions) 04:19
09. B.L.O.W. (Block Life Is Our Way) (Ft. Clipse) (Prod. By Om'mas) 04:15
10. Realest Niggas (Ft. Gillie Da Kid, Reed Dollarz) (Prod. By Ruggs) 03:51
11. Simple And Plain (Prod. By Mo-Suave-A Productions) 03:48
12. Dear Lord (Ft. Scarface) (Prod. By Mo-Suave-A Productions) 03:04
13. Skit 00:29
14. Been (Prod. By Jiggolo) (Bonus Jiggolo Track) 04:20
15. Breathe In, Breathe Out (Prod. By Jiggolo) (Bonus Jiggolo Track) 04:32
16. 737 (Prod. By Jiggolo) (Bonus Jiggolo Track) 04:49

R.I.P AH-GONG!- FREE SET-YEEN & AH-HIEN & HANS!!!- CNVT- "More Is Never Enough" - Tum Tum

After numerous attempts at trying to halt production, Suave House Records is finally
dropping a new release by Miami rapper Rick Ross.
The new album, titled Rise To Power, features Ross before his deal with Def Jam
alongside rappers such as Scarface, The Clipse, Next, Devin Tha Dude, and Big Duke of
Boyz N The Hood, among others.
Suave House Records' Tony Draper was the person who originally discovered Ross in
2000, but after a botched distribution deal for the album, he released Ross, so he
could sign with Slip-N-Slide in 2002.
"Ross was signed to me in 2000 -- I found him," Draper told Billboard. "I'm the key
to the south. Unfortunately, I was in a bad situation with Jcor Entertainment. I had
a joint venture deal with Jcor, who had their distribution deal with Interscope
Records. Jcor was supposed to supply marketing dollars, but they didn't. They only
paid $500,000 on a $5 million tab. So to not tie up my artist, I allowed Ross to go
to Slip-N-Slide Records in 2002."
After inking a deal Slip-N-Slide (SNS), SNS then entered into a joint venture deal
with Def Jam Records in 2006, and the rest is history.
"Def Jam tried to stop me from putting the record out, but with the help of [Slip-N-
Slide head] Ted Lucas, we've finally worked it out," explained Draper. "Def Jam
wanted me to compensate them for building the Rick Ross brand. So I ended up giving
them a point on the album. I have no problem with Def Jam, but honestly, they
couldn't have stopped me. Def Jam stepped up in a classy manor. But if they hadn't
raised up, I was ready to go the whole legal route. Def Jam can't stake a claim to
the masters that I own."
The first single from the forthcoming release is "Street Love" featuring platinum R&B
group Next.
Rise To Power is slated to drop September 18.


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